Electrogas Welding machine (EGW) for vertical welds

Vertical Electrogas welder is an efficient welding machine to weld vertical joints. Only one run welding is needed for both sides. Efficiency is 30 times that of manual welding. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a vertical weld of 3.0 mtr height on a 25 mm thick plate.


Thickness : 8-46 mm
Type of Steel : All types of steel
Shape of Groove : V, X
Position : Vertical Joint (3G)
Width of Plate : 1.0 – 3.2 mtr.
Current : 300 – 500 A
Output Voltage : 20 – 40 V
Input Voltage : 380 V
Diameter of Wires : 1.6 mm flux cored wire
Cooling : Water cooling 8 m3/houre
Welding Speed : Feedback control
Maximum Speed : 235 mm/min.
Gas : CO2 30 l/min.

Electrogas welding (EGW), single pass welding for upto 40 mm thick plate, Bygging supplies EGW vertical-up welding machines for tank welding
Electrogas welding (EGW) machine for welding of vertical joints of API-650 tanks, Bygging EGW machine
Vertical-up welding on API-650 tanks using Bygging electrogas welding machine