Strand jacks

Single strand jacks up to 25 ton capacity using 18mm diameter H.T. strands are manufactured by Bygging. These jacks find use in lifting of steel flues for chimneys, and to lift horizontal tanks, vessels and de-aerators. Multistrand jacks upto 180 ton lifting capacity are used for boiler drum lifts.

Steel flue erection for a 275 metre tall chimney using Bygging multi-strand jacks
Interface showing a synchronised lift using 8 numbers multi-strand jacks, each of 50 ton capacity, PLC controlled strand jacks
Multi strand jacks using 18 mm diameter HT strands used for heavy lifting, strand jack manufacturer in India
Hydraulic strand jacks for erection of chimney flues, multi-strand jacks
Hydraulic multi-strand jacks for heavy lifting, lifting and lowering of heavy loads using strand jacks