Tank base repair

Bygging Jacking equipment is used in the following cases of tank repair :
  • Replacing tank bottom plates and / or annular plates
  • Replacing cathodic protection
  • Replacing cathodic protection
  • Correcting tilt in tank as a result of foundation settlement
  • Replacement of lower most shell course
  • Addition of extra shell course / s to an existing tank

Tank lifting at Tankstore Singapore, hydraulic self climbing jacks for tank repair

The following services are provided :
  • Provision of jacking equipment and jacking specialist
  • Preparation of Jacking layout including suggesting suitable measures to ensure equal distribution of load from jacks to the ground
  • Preparation of stability calculation

Tank maintenance jacks; API tank foundation repair using hydraulic jacks
12 ton tank lifting jacks for tank repair, tank lifted up at Aramco, Al-Khafji Saudi Arabia using hydraulic tank jacking system
Tank lifted up at Tankstore Singapore using hydraulic self climbing jacks, hydraulic jacking system for tank repairs
Hydraulic jacks for API-650 tank repair available for purchase and rent from Bygging Infrastructure; 35 ton jacks with wooden runners for tank maintenance